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Sewer Cleaning and Repairs in Greenville, Greer, and Spartanburg SC

Surely, there are some slimy little creatures out there who wouldn’t mind hanging out in a sewer for a little bit. Chances are though, you’re not really too thrilled about dealing with your home’s sewer. No problem, Plumbing Pros LLC is here to tend to all sorts of sewer issues, so you don’t have to!

A clog in your sewer line can create a backup of raw sewage, which can then be forced out your interior drains, making for a costly (and disgusting) mess inside your home or business. Sewer lines can become blocked for a variety of reasons. Tree roots, for example, commonly navigate their way into cracked sewer lines and then continue to grow. Another common clog-creator is debris from items flushed down the toilet such as paper towels, personal care products, thick toilet paper, and baby wipes.

Signs that your sewer is in need of attention:

  • Your sewer leaks
  • Your toilets back up
  • Your basement smells unpleasant
  • A gurgling sound comes out of your drains
  • Your drains give out a raw sewage smell
  • Your sinks are draining too slowly
  • You are looking for greater flow capacity
  • Water keeps pooling around a floor drain

It is important that you contact a certified plumber “near me” right away if there are any signs that your sewer is having a problem and needs cleaning. Most homes have a sewer cleanout located outside which provides access to the sewer line. The sewer cleanout is a capped pipe that rises up vertically from ground. The sewer cleanout will help us to make a quick diagnosis of the problem so that we can get to fixing it right away. If you need to have a sewer cleanout installed, we can do that as well.

Plumbing Pros LLC is happy to help you with sewer cleaning for any of the sewer issues you may be experiencing in Greer, SC. We can clean out sewer lines, remove stoppages, and get the waste water flowing smoothly out once again.

Sewer issues should never be ignored because they can easily become mighty big and nasty problems. Whether your home or business is located in Greenville, Greer, or Spartanburg, the Plumbing Pros LLC will come to you and save you from the dirty work! Give us a call today for sewer cleaning “near me”! 864-774-9561